2020 City Manager Search

What is Happening Now?

The position is advertised - learn more here. The cutoff for first review of applications is October 20, 2020.

Overview of Search Process

In July 2020, the City Council began the process of hiring a new City Manager. The City engaged Strategic Government Resources, Inc. (SGR) to conduct a national recruitment for candidates. SGR is a search firm that specializes in public sector management, and SGR has supported several key previous recruitments for the City of Bainbridge Island (most notably the recent selection of our new Police Chief and the previous City Manager search in 2012.) 

Hidden CoveThe City Council worked with SGR to develop a position profile to describe the ideal candidate and qualifications, and to convey the key community values and long-range goals of Bainbridge Island. This profile is used to publicize the opening to potential candidates regionally and nationally.

Candidate qualifications will be reviewed in the fall by SGR and the City Council. The process typically involves evaluation of semi-finalists followed by a more intensive review of a smaller number of finalists. Finalists often participate in a range of assessments, including public presentations and interview panels with community members, City Council members, City leadership staff, and other stakeholders. The final selection is made by the City Council, who will then negotiate an employment agreement to conclude the hiring process.

Ideally, the City Manager search process will happen on a timeline that allows the new manager to be in place by Jan. 1, 2021. If the recruitment timeline extends longer than planned, the City Council will work with SGR on options for City leadership during the interim period.

How to Get Involved

In August, the City Council sought public input to inform the development of the position profile, asking for suggestions relating to desirable qualities for applicants, or ideas about what candidates should know about Bainbridge Island. Read the public comments here, and the City Council comments on the draft position profile here. The City Council will consider approving the final position profile at their Sept. 15 meeting.

Later on, the candidate review process will include additional opportunities for the public to participate and provide feedback.

About the Council-Manager Form of Government

Island Center Meeting As a noncharter code city, Bainbridge Island originally operated under a mayor-council form of government. The form of government was changed following a May 19, 2009 vote in which a majority of islanders expressed a preference for the council-manager form of government. This form of government is regulated under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 35A.13.

Per the Municipal Research Services Center (MRSC):

"The council-manager form consists of an elected city council, which is responsible for policymaking, and a professional city manager, appointed by the council, who is responsible for administration. The city manager provides policy advice, directs the daily operations of city government, handles personnel functions (including the power to appoint and remove employees) and is responsible for preparing the city budget."

For additional information about the council-manager form of government, visit the MRSC website.