Support Services

The BIPD Support Services Division consists of two police clerks, an evidence technician, and an administrative supervisor. The primary responsibility of this group of civilian employees is to organize, preserve, maintain, reproduce and disseminate department records of all kinds including case files, correspondence, contracts, complaints and evidence according to Washington State Law. 

Police clerks greet citizens in person, by phone, and via email to evaluate and address all types of inquiries. They also provide fingerprinting services, issue concealed weapons permits, register home and business alarms, issue pet licenses, respond to public disclosure requests, seal records, check and quash bench warrants, enter protection orders, process stolen property into the state WACIC system, and much more.

The evidence technician is carefully trained in the intake, processing, storage, preservation, inventory, release and destruction of evidence related to criminal activity as well as found property and items held for safekeeping. Additional responsibilities include purchasing supplies and equipment for officers and staff, and maintaining equipment inventory records.

The administrative supervisor oversees the support services division and assists the chief and deputy chief of police with accounts payable, budgeting, calendaring, complaints and recognition, contracts, correspondence, projects, training and travel logistics, and special events.