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The Sustainable Transportation Task Force Meeting #8 was held on Friday, June 25 at 9:30 AM. See Task Force tab below for more information.

'Let's build communities for everyone' says transportation expert

The City Council devoted its 3/16/21 study session to a sustainable transportation presentation by Gil Penalosa, an international leader in helping communities become healthier and happier by serving the needs of all community members. Penalosa believes that if our transportation system is great for an 8-year-old and an 80-year-old, then it's good for everyone. 

“It's important for a city to view walking and biking as a basic human right, which should be safe, easy and pleasurable for everyone," Penalosa said during the 90-minute discussion. 

The Council was joined by the leadership from other island partners, including the school district, park district, parks foundation and land trust. 

"I'm so grateful for their participation," Councilmember Leslie Schneider said. "Gil helped us see what is possible and, together, I know we can find creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, elevate equity, and improve livability for all islanders." 

Watch the discussion here.


In 2019, the City Council expressed support in providing a transportation system (streets, transit, trails, etc.) that improves mobility and safety for all users while respecting the character of neighborhoods and maintaining a climate resilient environment. The initiative, which became known as the Sustainable Transportation Plan, will establish the long-range vision for how we travel on the island. In addition, the Council determined that the Sustainable Transportation project should result in a transportation system that supports the overriding goal of the City’s upcoming Climate Action Plan: to reduce carbon emissions on Bainbridge Island by 90% by 2045.

Additional goals identified by the Council include:

  1. Present a unifying vision for the future of transportation on Bainbridge Island;
  2. Create a holistic, inclusive definition of sustainable mobility with suite of solutions;
  3. Integrate the island’s transportation and land use visions;
  4. Complete missing links and make first/last mile connections;
  5. Build a toolbox of facility types and solutions tailored to people of all ages and abilities and the island’s unique contexts; and
  6. Demonstrate transparent decision-making based on community values, with a clear link to implementation planning, investments, and subsequent funding requests.

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Session #1 - 1/15/21
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Session #4 - 2/12/21

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