Water & Sewer Utilities Rate Study

The FCS Group has conducted a study of the City's water and sewer utilities and developed a recommendation for rate adjustments to ensure the financial health of the utilities.

The Utilities Advisory Committee (UAC) has provided significant review and input in to the FCS Report and recommendations over the past several months and has prepared a memorandum summarizing their deliberations and recommendations. 

At the March 19, 2019 City Council business meeting, the FCS Group made a presentation to the City Council and citizens regarding the study and recommendations related to the water and sewer utility rates.  The City Council made some minor modifications and requested notifications be made to the rate payers of the proposed changes.

At the April 16, 2019 Study Session, the City Council concurred with the revised recommendations and directed staff to return in May with an Ordinance adopting the proposed revisions based on the April 16, 2019 Water and Sewer Rate Study.

A public hearing was held on Tuesday, May 14, 2019(City Agenda Link). The City Council heard public comments and recommended forwarding Ordination No. 2019-14 to the May 28, 2019 consent agenda for approval. The proposed rate changes can be found in the draft Ordinance No. 2019-14 below:


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