State of the Island’s Waters Report

Periodically, the Water Resources Workgroup reviews data collected by the Water Quality and Flow Monitoring Program to be recapped in the State of the Island’s Waters Report.  In the Report, City staff have assessed the data and summarized it in a way that is useful to the community.  The first edition was published in 2012 and now again in 2019 with the goal of reporting every five years or so.  

On this webpage, and in the Report, you will find new ways of looking at the data and gain some insight on the current state of our streams and surrounding marine waters.

While the City collects a large amount of information, other agencies and non-profits also gather important data to understand the ‘health’ of our water bodies. As we share and highlight our monitoring efforts with others, you will find many references to outside resources and documents in the Report.

Fletcher Bay Marine Waters