Subdivision Update

As part of the development moratorium work plan, the City began a comprehensive update to its subdivision regulations in early 2018. The overall purpose of the proposed revisions is to craft a subdivision ordinance that directs the planning and design of future residential developments in a manner that respects the natural resources of the land and preserves the character and function of the landscape. A further purpose is to develop regulations that result in livable neighborhoods -- a mix of housing types designed with pedestrians and non-motorized transportation in mind, where spaces exist for safe play and recreation, and for neighbors to gather and socialize.

What's New?

The City Council is discussing the subdivision update.  Current documents for review include:
Staff memo to City Council - March 19, 2019
Ordinance 2019-03 – Relating to Subdivision Standards
Exhibit ABIMC Chapter 17.12 Subdivision Standards
Exhibit BBIMC Chapter 17.28 Definitions
Exhibit CBIMC Chapter 18.18 --Subdivision Design Guidelines

Planning Commission Comments on Public Hearing Draft:
Ordinance 2019-03 - Relating to Subdivision Standards
Exhibit A - BIMC Chapter 17.12 Subdivision Standards
Exhibit B - BIMC Chapter 17.28 Definitions
Exhibit C - BIMC Chapter 18.18 --Subdivision Design Guidelines

Background Documents
Subdivision Update Quick Facts - March 1, 2019

Questions or comments:
Christy Carr, AICP, Senior Planner