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The work consists of engineering design and construction for improvements to the NE Sportsman Club & NE New Brooklyn Road intersection.  The project will construct a roundabout with sidewalks and bike lanes at the intersection.  Associated lighting, landscaping, and stormwater mitigation including rain gardens are also included in the work.

Why are improvements needed?
The project will relieve current congestion and provide long-term transportation network viability to ensure mobility for the town center by improving the intersection, sidewalks, and bike lanes at the intersection.

Why a roundabout?
A single-lane roundabout is the preferred intersection control type at this location. Roundabout control will allow the intersection to operate very well at a Level of Service (LOS) A through 2035.  A roundabout can also accommodate non-motorized safety improvements, consistent with the intersection’s location on several non-motorized routes identified by City planning and policy documents.

The roundabout design proposed is different than the existing roundabout at the intersection of High School Rd and Madison Avenue. The crosswalks will be set back from the intersection a full school bus length.  This will allow cars and buses to more efficiently move through the intersection and be safer for kids walking and biking to school.  Our consultant team has assured us that the improvements will help alleviate school related congestion.

What other options were considered?

  • Four-way stop (existing condition):  This option doesn’t plan for the future.  The No Build alternative will result in a Level of Service deficiency by 2035. The No Build alternative also fails to address multi-modal safety concerns at the intersection.
  • Traffic Signal:  Signal control is not recommended at this location. The intersection does not meet MUTCD signal warrants and the long-term operational and maintenance costs associated with what would be the City’s first traffic signal is undesirable.

How is a roundabout better for the environment than a conventional stop intersection?
"By reducing vehicle idling, roundabouts significantly decrease fuel consumption and emissions.“

“In one study, small roundabouts were found to reduce CO by 29%, NOx by 21% and greenhouse gases by 28%.”

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What are the safety benefits of a roundabout?
Studies have shown that roundabouts are safer than traditional stop sign or signal-controlled intersections.

Roundabouts reduced injury crashes by 75 percent at intersections where stop signs or signals were previously used for traffic control, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Studies by the IIHS and Federal Highway Administration have shown that roundabouts typically achieve:

  • A 37 percent reduction in overall collisions
  • A 75 percent reduction in injury collisions
  • A 90 percent reduction in fatality collisions
  • A 40 percent reduction in pedestrian collisions

Contrary to many peoples' perceptions, roundabouts actually move traffic through an intersection more quickly, and with less congestion on approaching roads. Roundabouts promote a continuous flow of traffic. Unlike intersections with traffic signals, drivers don’t have to wait for a green light at a roundabout to get through the intersection. Traffic is not required to stop – only yield – so the intersection can handle more traffic in the same amount of time.

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Funding:  The project was awarded a $703K federal grant; matching City funds from Transportation Impact Fees total $217K.

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