Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the court has arranged to hold ALL court hearings by video and teleconferencing. The Court has issued an emergency administrative order- the full order is available here.

In-person appearances at the Courthouse are NOT permitted at this time, until further order of the court. DO NOT come to the courthouse.


The Court is using Zoom (website: for video and teleconferencing FOR ALL TYPES OF COURT HEARINGS. All defendants, attorneys, and members of the public are expected to participate in court hearings by Zoom or by calling the main court number.

  • Video appearance. Video appearance by Zoom is possible with a computer with video and sound capability or with a smart phone (such as iPhone or android models).
  • Audio-only appearance. If you do not have video capability, you may appear by telephone by calling the Zoom phone number.
  • Technical Problems. If there are technical problems with the Zoom phone number provided, the participant can call the court number at 206-842-5641 and the clerk will put the caller on speakerphone in the courtroom.
  • Directions on Using Zoom. Directions on using this platform are located here.


  • Good Cellular Reception. You are expected to call from an area where you have good reception if you are using a cell phone, even if that means walking or driving there in advance of the hearing.
  • No Vehicle Travel. You may not be driving or riding in a vehicle during your call.
  • Quiet Place. You should choose a quiet place to call from, free of distractions
  • Charged Device. Make sure your computer or phone is charged and/or plugged in.
  • Dress Appropriately. You should dress and behave as you would for court typically.


  • Contact the Court. When you receive your summons in the mail, you should contact the court via email at and provide your name, hearing date, address, email, and whether you can join the hearing by video or phone. Email is preferred so the court staff can send you an easy-to-use email link to join the hearing on your scheduled day. The phone number to call the court is 206-842-5641.
  • Public Defender Application. If you have an arraignment hearing and believe you are eligible for the public defender, the Indigency Screening Form must be completed and returned to court by email, fax, or mail at least one week in advance of the hearing. 
  • Interpreter. If you need an Interpreter, email or call the Clerk to inform them what language you need.
  • Review Paperwork. Review all court paperwork prior to the hearing.  Have paperwork in front of you at your hearing.
  • Prepare for Video/ Audio Court. If you can appear by video, go to, click on Resources and “Download Zoom Client”. Choose “Zoom Client for Meetings”. The Zoom installer.exe will appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Click on it to run or open it. If you are using a smartphone, download the Zoom Cloud Meetings App.
  • Pictorial on Using Zoom on Computer and Smartphone

All court participants shall appear by video conference whenever possible. If it is not possible to appear via video connection by smartphone or computer, then participants shall appear by calling on the phone. The public defender will be present on the video conference to consult with defendants and provide representation for arraignments and if appointed for continued representation.


All documents from attorneys, defendants, or litigants must arrive at the court no later than noon the day before. Copies of documents MUST be served on the other party prior to the hearing by mail, email, or fax. If documents DO NOT arrive in time, they will not be considered at the hearing and the court may not grant a continuance based on the late submission. The court is not open to the public. DO NOT bring documents to the courthouse to drop off.

Documents may be sent to the court by:  
Mail:  Bainbridge Island Municipal Court, PO Box 151, Rollingbay, WA  98061
FAX:  206-842-0316


There are so many resources available on computer and smartphone. The tutorials below are just SOME of the available options. Old-fashioned signing and mailing of documents may be required if these technologies aren’t available.