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Bid Title: RFQ: Comprehensive Parking Strategy - Downtown Bainbridge Island
Category: RFQ: Comprehensive Parking Strategy - Downtown Bainbridge Island
Status: Closed


Request for Qualifications for 

The City of Bainbridge Island wishes to contract with a consultant to assess the current condition of the parking system, identify future needs and make recommendations for strategies to address demand and financing of the system.  

The City of Bainbridge Island operates a parking system consisting of on street parking and surface lots.  In addition, there are a number of private lots spread throughout downtown that function as part of the downtown parking system, including ferry district parking.  In addition to the demand from residents and businesses, the demand for parking in the downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods is heavily impacted ferry commuters to Seattle via the Washington State Ferry Terminal.  The City would like to ensure that the parking system is being operated, managed and developed in a manner that helps to implement the City’s Adopted Comprehensive Plan and the planned growth in the downtown area.  

If you are interested in pursuing this project we invite you to submit qualifications of staff that would be involved.

The deadline for this RFQ is 4:00 p.m. May 5, 2017, Pacific Standard Time. No faxed, telephone or electronic proposals will be accepted.

Presentations by a select number of firms will be scheduled shortly after receipt of the proposals.


  1. Identify each person or entity involved with the project team including technical partners (architects, engineers, others), and briefly describe their respective roles, including:
    1. Information regarding the team member’s experience and qualifications.
    2. Resume of key team members.
    3. Description of how the team will be organized and led.
  2. Identify the project lead and their relationship to other members of the team.
  3. Describe the consultant’s relevant project experience in preparing parking strategies or plans in cities similar to Bainbridge Island. Projects described must illustrate the consultant’s experience with preparing strategies and plans similar in scope to the proposed project.
  4. Briefly describe your approaches to public participation
  5. In this proposal, please provide your best thinking, in narrative form, about your initial thoughts about an approach to the project.


Evaluation of RFQ responses will be based upon the following:

  1. Consultant Experience:
    1. Success in developing similar parking strategies or plans
    2. Quality of representative projects
    3. Qualifications of project team and key project managers
    4. References


The City reserves the right to:

  • Reject any and all responses
  • Waive minor irregularities in a response
  • Cancel, revise, or extend this solicitation
  • Request additional information on any response beyond that required by this RFQ

4.       SELECTION

The City of Bainbridge Island shall have the final decision on the selection and whether to move forward with the strategy or not.


Interested consultants must submit 5 paper copies of the response to the RFQ, and 1 electronic copy. Limit the responses to no more than 20 pages. The City will become owner of all submitted materials and will not pay any costs related to any responses to the RFQ.

All consultants must demonstrate compliance with the City’s insurance requirements at the time of contract approval.

The City reserves the right to modify the timeline and to issue addenda to this document.

6.       EXHIBITS

Exhibit A: General Scope of Work
Exhibit B: Sample Professional Services Agreement

Barry Loveless
Public Works Director

Exhibit A:  General Scope of Work

The Consultant will be required to perform the following general scope of work and related support services and tasks in order to complete the project work. 

  • Review and understand the Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Strategy and their relationship to downtown parking needs now and in the future.
  • Project oversight and management to ensure project stays on schedule and budget.
  • Conduct an assessment covering the location, design, and quantity of current on and off-street parking; operating characteristics of and restrictions on existing public and private parking areas with the downtown; and occupancy/turnover patterns.
  • Evaluate pedestrian traffic patterns and walking distances.
  • Evaluate special use parking needs (commercial deliveries and handicapped accessibility).
  • Evaluate current directional and parking signage for parking facilities.
  • Evaluate pedestrian and vehicular traffic circulation and parking; identify problem areas.
  • Identify peak parking demands and periods of lowest demand.
  • Determine practical capacity.
  • Identify current public parking shortfalls, if any, as well as safety issues.
  • Project future parking demand based on an analysis of city-wide development.
  • Assess the need, or not, for additional parking in the study area based on future parking demand balanced by the needs of the downtown business community, residents, and carrying capacity of the island.
  • Identify and evaluate potential sites for new parking facilities and provide recommended design configurations and space counts.
  • Review existing downtown employee parking permit program and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Build sets of maps, reports, and/or databases that display results by area, hour, day, and other metrics identified with the City. Such database will include all parking data collected, with parking area/subarea summaries. Maps should be produced in ESRI ArcGIS and provided in Adobe PDF.
  • Prepare for and attend “Action Alternative” workshops and stakeholder focus groups.
  • Gather data and prepare reports as necessary to otherwise meet the objectives outlined in this scope of work.
  • Summarize in a final Comprehensive Parking Strategy, including a clear implementation plan with timelines.
Publication Date/Time:
3/28/2017 11:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
5/5/2017 4:00 PM
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