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Emergency Flotilla Roster

  1. We’d love to have you on the Emergency Flotilla roster! The flotilla is totally voluntary and all boat sizes are welcome - even non-motorized options. We are happy to have boats that are moored wet and dry. We provide free training and alert notifications . In an event requiring on-water support, the City will contact you to see if you are available, and to match your boat to the tasks at hand. The flotilla may be used to take patients to Seattle, to survey a mudslide, to deliver medications to a shallow bay resident or to transport heavy equipment.

    To sign up, please complete the below fields. Your information will be incorporated into the City's Emergency Operations Plan and will only be accessed by our incident response staff. Thank you!!

  2. Boat Information For Emergency Flotilla

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  6. Vessel Registration Number / Documentation Number

  7. Cruising Speed / Top Speed

  8. Number of Passengers

  9. Wet or dry? Marina?

  10. Ex: US Coast Guard, ICS

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