Critical Areas Ordinance Update


The City of Bainbridge Island is updating its Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) under the Washington Growth Management Act. The CAO (Bainbridge Island Municipal Code Chapter 16.20) is the portion of local code that provides development standards for protecting the environment and minimizing risk to human safety.  Critical areas include:

   - Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas;
   - Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas;
   - Frequently Flooded Areas;
   - Geologically Hazardous Areas; and
   - Wetlands.

Draft Documents

May 18, 2017 -  Planning Commission Review Package
May 25, 2017 -  Planning Commission Review Package
June 8, 2017 -   Planning Commission Review Package
June 26, 2017 - Public Hearing Ordinance 2017-17
  Draft Critical Areas Ordinance

Background Information

Supporting information for the CAO update includes:
Issues/Topics for Consideration  

Background, Scope of Work and Schedule 

Current CAO  

BAS and Summary

Schedule and Opportunities for Public Input

Staff anticipates the update will be completed this year. Planning Commission will review the CAO at its meetings on Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 9:00 PM.  A public hearing will be held June 15, 2017.  
Public participation is invited throughout the CAO update process. Check this page for updated project information, timelines, draft documents and meeting notices. You may also join an email listserv to receive timely project notifications:  Notify Me
If you have questions or comments regarding this project please contact Senior Planner Christy Carr at (206) 780-3719 or