Neighborhood Matching Grant

Neighborhood Matching Grant funding of up to $5000 is available for projects or events that:


•      Create or enhance a tangible improvement in a Bainbridge Island neighborhood;

•      Build or expand neighborhood and community connections or civic engagement among Bainbridge Island residents.


All projects must benefit the public. No project shall be solely or mostly for the benefit of any individual or private entity. Projects should be completed within the calendar year in which they are proposed and approved. All projects must include at least two Bainbridge Island households as applicants.

Contact Us

  1. Kellie Stickney
    Communications Manager

    280 Madison Ave N
    Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


    Ph:  206.780.3741

8 Simple Steps To a Neighborhood Matching Grant

  1. Read the Neighborhood Matching Grant Information thoroughly.

  2. Choose a project(s) through group discussion with your neighbors.
  4. Designate a volunteer Project Coordinator who will be the neighborhood contact person.

  5. Read the Application Steps and submit an "Idea Letter" (located in the Information packet) to the City of Bainbridge Island Communications Manager.

  6. Within two weeks of receipt of the “Idea Letter” by the City, you will be notified (a) whether the project is feasible, and (b) if more information is required for review.

  7. If your project is determined to be feasible, begin tracking volunteer hours dedicated to preparing the application. Up to 25 percent of your volunteer match can be accrued during this phase of the project.

  8. Once you are notified your project is feasible, complete the Matching Grant Application and return it to:

        Kellie Stickney
        Communications Manager
        City of Bainbridge Island
        280 Madison Ave N.,
        Bainbridge Island, WA 98110       

  9. The application must contain a complete explanation of the project including scope of work, timeline for completion and demonstration of neighborhood match for project.