Vision, Mission, Values

Bainbridge Island is working to become a recognized leader in preparedness in Washington State! Join us in this effort!

Preparedness is an essential element for communities to be resilient and able to withstand and recover from crisis, whether natural or man-made. Due to the level of risk and potential complications associated with being an island community, it is of the utmost importance that the concept of preparedness is embraced as a value in our community and institutionalized among City staff and partner organizations.

In an effort to accomplish the above, staff have developed a new preparedness vision, that Bainbridge Island will be a recognized leader in preparedness in Washington State. Our program is based on FEMA's Whole Community Doctrine, which promotes collaboration and widespread community ownership over preparedness.


  • All households will equip themselves to survive without access to electricity, running water, or access to the grocery store for 14 days’ minimum
  • All neighborhoods will be covered by a neighborhood plan
  • All businesses will be covered by a continuity plan
  • All non-profit and faith-based organizations will be covered by an emergency plan
  • The City will update the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) to ensure:
    • Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding are in place with strategic businesses and response agencies
    • Authority is clearly defined
    • Role of Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) is clearly defined
  • Every agency, organization, business and individual will know what is expected of them at such time an Emergency Proclamation is made
  • The City will supply and maintain an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which will be fully functional within 30 minutes of an Emergency Declaration and capable of sustained 24 hour operations for a minimum of 4 weeks.



- The processes, plans, procedures and support elements we develop as part of this program will be regularly used, evaluated and continually improved.

Embedded in Island Culture

- Preparedness is essential for communities to be resilient and able to withstand and recover from crisis. Due to the level of risk and potential complications associated with being an island community in the Pacific Northwest, it is critical that the concept of preparedness is embraced as a value by every person in our community. 

Institutionalized in Response Agencies

- Emergency Management is a foundational concept for our local response agencies, such as the City, Fire Department and Parks District. We are striving to build this principle into our organizations so that each member of our staff understands their respective responsibility and is prepared to perform their role during an emergent event. 


- We incorporate progressive methods to create adaptable, evolutionary frameworks which enable our program to be agile and responsive. 


 - Emergency Management is not a "cool kids" club - its for everyone! We embrace the differences each of us brings to the table and recognize that this is what make us strong!


- Our program is dedicated to promoting preparedness through empowerment and positive action.


- We love to partner! Our approach to Emergency Management is based on developing and sustaining relationships through mutual respect, collective ownership, trust, and open and honest communication. 
There are two ways to get involved in our efforts! Take a look at the org chart below (click the image for a larger view) and figure out what areas sound interesting to you.

To participate in a committee under Bainbridge Prepares, contact Scott James.
To participate as a volunteer in our Strategic Community Initiatives, contact Tom McCloskey or Amber Richards

EM Org Chart 3