Pollinator Improvement Project

The City of Bainbridge Island is partnering with a number of community organizations to launch the Pollinator Improvement Project to help make Bainbridge Island a better place to be a bee. Check out the project plan for more information!

PiP Mission

To increase the pollinator population on Bainbridge Island by reducing or eliminating the use of harmful insecticides and pesticides, increasing habitat by creating access to green space within the built environment, and by increasing public awareness about the importance of pollinators and environmental threats they currently face.


  1. Partner with other government agencies on Bainbridge Island to reduce the application of neonicotinoids on Bainbridge Island public property, to be codified by resolution prior to Pollinator Awareness Week 2016; encourage the use of organic and/or non-chemical weed and pest control on private property through public outreach and education campaigns. Public outreach and educational campaigns will include:
    • Dedicated page on the City website for pollinators
    • Informational handouts for distribution at City and downtown locations
    • Collaborate with PHC ASANI INC (ASANI) and Commodore Options School to engage students in different grade levels in pollinator discovery project called the Bee’s Eye View, culminating with middle school students presenting their findings to City Council prior to Pollinator Awareness Week 2016 (Bee’s Eye View Project Scope)
    • Initiate a pollinator-themed art competition; display art in downtown business windows;
    • Utilize art from competition in wayfinding displays associated with pollinator corridor (discussed below)

    2.   Increase the natural habitat of pollinators on Bainbridge Island, by

    • Incorporating requirements for pollinator friendly plants into the Landscape Chapter of the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code
    • Connecting greenspaces on the island by integrating pollinator friendly plants into the built environment, specifically within the downtown corridor
    • Creating a pollinator-friendly corridor through Waterfront Park, running north the length of Madison Avenue from the intersection of Bjune Dr SE to the intersection of SR-305 by collaborating with the Islands government agencies, and
    • Encouraging public participation through the use of pollinator patches, which could be mapped, and used to connect greenspace through private property

    3.   Increase public awareness on the critical importance of pollinators on a broad scale by exposing and educating 
          tourists and other visitors

    4.   Encourage neighboring jurisdictions to create/expand pollinator friendly habitat; create a program implementation
          template for other jurisdictions to use

    5.   Promote urban/backyard bee keeping practices on Bainbridge Island

    6.   Increase tourism to the Island by marketing/highlighting the pollinator corridor and the project; create brochure
          similar to the waterfront trail flyer, highlighting the corridor and points of interest along the way. Partner locations
          could be included on the map, highlighted as a point of interest – depending on how they link into the project plan.


Learn all about the Pollinator Improvement Project

in this podcast from our friends at Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.