Island-wide Transportation Plan (IWTP) Update

Participation process in the development of the Island-wide Transportation Plan.

The City updated the Island-wide Transportation Plan in 2016, prior to that the last update was in 2004. The goal is to update the Plan to support the Comprehensive Plan.

Traffic data and a new traffic model were recently developed for the Transportation Impact Fee Study and this information was used in updating the Plan.

The original Plan developed in 2004 involved a Steering Committee appointed by City Council with extensive public involvement. At that time, the effort was led by a Consultant team with a larger budget than the current update which has a more limited scope. The current effort is being led by City staff with consultant support by Transportation Solutions Incorporated (TSI) which is limited to technical aspects and peer review.

The below process was used for the Plan update: 

  • Revisions by Staff with support from TSI for Chapters 4 and 5.
  • Review of each chapter by the Non-Motorized Transportation Advisory Committee (NMTAC) at regularly scheduled meetings.  Committee and public comment received informally.
  • Peer review of all chapters by TSI.
  • Review by other agencies including WSDOT and Kitsap Transit.
  • Draft Plan published on City web site beginning formal public comment.
  • Presentation of draft IWTP to Planning Commission.
  • Draft report revised incorporating Public, NMTAC, and Planning Commission comments.
  • Revised draft published on City website seeking additional public comment.
  • Planning and Community Development to revise Transportation Element informed by the draft IWTP.
  • Presentation of Transportation Element and draft IWTP to City Council and Public.
  • Revisions to IWTP posted on City Web Site Project Page in advance of the Public Hearing.
  • Public Hearing for Comprehensive Plan including the Transportation Element scheduled for November 15th.
  • Final draft of IWTP developed.
  • City Council adoption of Comprehensive Plan including the Transportation Element by ordinance and adoption of the IWTP by resolution.

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Project Status

  • February 2017 - City Council approved Resolution No. 2017-02 adopting the Island-wide Transportation Plan.
  • 2016 - Public comments were accepted prior to year-end in conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan adoption.