Parking Tickets

If you received a parking ticket on Bainbridge Island, you have 15 days to respond to the ticket.  You may either pay the ticket, request a mitigation hearing by mail or in court, or contest your ticket in court.  If you fail to respond, a $25 late fee will be added and the clerk's office will begin to refer the ticket to a collection agency.  

Frequently Asked Questions for Parking Tickets

Do I have to appear in person to mitigate my parking ticket?

The court allows mitigation hearings in person and by mail.  You may use the Mitigation By Mail Form to mitigate your parking ticket.  If you would like to contest your ticket, you must appear in person.  Review the Frequently Asked Questions about Infractions to learn more about the difference between a Mitigation and Contested hearing.  

I forgot to put up my employee parking pass and got a parking ticket. 

Be sure to bring in a copy of your employee parking pass to your hearing or send in a copy with your mitigation by mail request.  The court does take into consideration the fact that you possessed an employee parking pass at the time of your ticket.

I forgot to put up my handicapped placard and got a parking ticket. 

Bring in or send in a copy of your valid handicap parking pass, your handicap parking ID card, and fill out the mitigation form below explaining the circumstances.  RCW 46.19.050 requires that you sign a statement that establishes that the person operating the vehicle or being transported at the time of the infraction had a valid placard, special license plate, or special year tab at the time of infraction. Assuming these requirements are met, the court will dismiss your ticket. 
Mitigation By Mail Form
Request for Hearing Form (Parking Ticket)

Downtown Parking Information 

The police department operates a program for employees of downtown businesses that allows employees to park for longer periods of time in designated areas while the employee is working.

Police webpage about the Downtown Employee Parking Program