City Funded Human Services

Seeking Requests for Proposals

The City of Bainbridge Island has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Human Services Funding. This will be a two-year award cycle, and the City will consider funding for activities in both 2019 and 2020.  The deadline for submissions is 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 28. Late proposals will not be accepted.

Tip Sheet

Potential applicants are invited to attend an informational meeting on Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 10:00 am at the City Hall Council Conference Room. Attendance is not required to apply for funding.

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All submissions will be reviewed by the Human Services Funding Advisory Committee.

If you have questions regarding the RFP please contact Deputy City Manager Morgan Smith at 206.842.2545 or

Download the Request for Proposals for Human Services Funding.

Important Dates

Thursday, August 30 (10am) - Preapplication Application Session for Interested Applicants
Friday, September 28 - Application Deadline (no later than 4pm)
Monday, October 15 (5pm) - Proposal Presentations
November/December (TBD) - HSFAC Funding Recommendation
December (TBD) - City Council Approval of 2019-30 HSF Award
December (TBD) - Notify Applicants

*All meetings will be held at City Hall, 280 Madison Avenue North, Bainbridge Island, WA*

Committee Purpose

On an annual basis, the City of Bainbridge Island provides significant financial support to local nonprofit organizations to support human services programs in the community.

The City uses a two-year funding cycle to solicit proposals from local non-profits seeking City funding for human services activities that serve the residents of Bainbridge Island.

Members of the Human Services Funding Advisory Committee (HSFAC) review funding proposals and develop a recommendation. This recommendation is submitted to the City Council for consideration and approval.

For more information on the Human Services Funding Advisory Committee, please visit their webpage.

Community Needs Assessment

In 2016, the City commissioned a community needs assessment to inform the City's funding for human services (PDF).

2017 to 2018 Funding Cycle

In late 2016, the City of Bainbridge Island issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for 2017-18 Human Services Funding (PDF). The Human Services Funding Advisory Committee developed a funding recommendation (PDF) which the City Council approved on December 13, 2016.

The City also developed a report to capture feedback on the 2017-18 award process (PDF).

Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers - Support Services (PDF)$ 32,650$22,000$ 32,650$22,000
Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center (PDF)$ 55,000$19,500$ 55,000$19,500
Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation (PDF)$ 15,000$13,500$ 16,000$14,500
Boys & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island (PDF)$ 50,000$36,500$ 50,000$36,500
Bainbridge Youth Services (PDF)$ 73,000$51,500$ 75,700$53,500
Helpline (PDF)$ 41,000$21,500$ 43,000$22,500
Housing Resources Bainbridge (Home Finding) (PDF)$ 23,500$14,500$ 25,000$15,500
Housing Resources Bainbridge (Independent Living) (PDF)$ 65,000$49,500$ 70,000$53,500
Island Volunteer Caregivers (PDF)$ 29,500$25,500$ 29,500$25,500
Kitsap Community Resources (PDF)$ 64,000$31,500$ 66,000$32,500
Smile Partners (PDF)$ 12,000$10,500$ 13,200$11,500
YWCA Kitsap County (PDF) $ 86,215$28,500$ 85,715$28,500
Total Requested$611,420$324,500 $619,665$335,500

2016 Funding Cycle and Final Reports

Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers Services (PDF)Report (PDF)$ 58,560$ 32,650
Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation (PDF)Report (PDF)$ 15,000$ 13,150
Bainbridge Youth Services (PDF)Report (PDF)$ 90,000$ 54,150
Boys and Girls Club of BI (PDF)Report (PDF)$ 50,000$ 46,650
Hope House (PDF)
$ 6,000$ 6,000
Housing Resources Bainbridge (Home Finding) (PDF)Report (PDF)$ 20,000$ 20,000
Housing Resources Bainbridge (Independent Living) (PDF)Report (PDF)$ 50,000$ 50,000
Island Volunteer Caregivers (PDF)Report (PDF)$ 29,500$ 29,500
Kitsap Community Resources (PDF)Report (PDF)$ 52,750$ 36,500
Kitsap Sexual Assault Center (PDF)Report (PDF)$ 45,194$ 27,000
Washington Smile Partners (PDF)Report (PDF) $ 14,400$ 14,400
Total Requested
$431,404 $303,000