Design Guidelines and Checklists (Zoning)

Design Guidelines
      - Central Core Overlay District
      - Commercial and Mixed Use - Neighborhood Service Centers
      - Ericksen Avenue Overlay
       - Fort Ward
      - Light Manufacturing
      - Mixed Use Town Center and High School Road Districts
      - Urban Single Family
Design Checklists
Central Core [word] [pdf]
       - Commercial and Mixed Use Projects [word] [pdf]
       - Ericksen [word] [pdf]
       - General - All Overlay Districts [word] [pdf]
       - High School Road [word] [pdf]
       - Island Center [word] [pdf]
       - Light Manufacturing [word] [pdf]
       - Lynwood Center [word] [pdf]
       - Madison [word] [pdf]
       - Multifamily [word] [pdf]
       - Rolling Bay [word] [pdf]
       - Urban Single Family [word] [pdf]Ericksen Avenue Overlay