Shoreline Master Program

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) establishes goals, policies and regulations for the shoreline jurisdiction of Bainbridge Island.  The current SMP became effective in July 2014 after a comprehensive update process.  The SMP is available in two versions:

Complete Official Version Ordinance 2014-04
Including Goals, Policies and Regulations)

BIMC 16.12 (Regulations Only)
Official shoreline designations are mapped.

Aquaculture Limited Amendment

The City of Bainbridge Island is currently processing a limited amendment of its SMP.  The scope is narrow and focuses only on policies and regulations related to aquaculture.  City Council adopted the proposed limited amendment on October 11, 2016.
Ordinance No. 2016-06
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3

As part of the requirements for processing a limited amendment, the City prepared a submittal package that was transmitted to the Department of Ecology for review on February 17, 2017.  As required in WAC 173-26-110, this package includes a summary of proposed amendments to policy and regulatory language with explanatory text and other materials which document the necessity of the proposed changes to the City's SMP.  Ecology has 30 days to issue a letter of completeness or ask for additional information. 
Ecology must approve the City’s limited amendment before it becomes effective. Pending Ecology approval, the existing aquaculture policies and regulations are in effect.
 Submittal Package to the Department of Ecology (180MB)

Other Shoreline Master Program Information

Shoreline Access Guidebook 
Regulatory Guidance Memos
Shoreline Master Plan FAQ's
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