Subdivision Update

As part of the development moratorium work plan, the City began a comprehensive update to its subdivision regulations in early 2018. The overall purpose of the proposed revisions is to craft a subdivision ordinance that directs the planning and design of future residential developments in a manner that respects the natural resources of the land and preserves the character and function of the landscape. A further purpose is to develop regulations that result in livable neighborhoods -- a mix of housing types designed with pedestrians and non-motorized transportation in mind, where spaces exist for safe play and recreation, and for neighbors to gather and socialize.

The Planning Commission held a continued public hearing on the subdivision update on Thursday, February 28, 2019 and finalized their recommendation to the City Council. 

Planning Commission Recommendation:
Ordinance 2019-03 - Relating to Subdivision Standards
Exhibit A - BIMC Chapter 17.12 Subdivision Standards
Exhibit B - BIMC Chapter 17.28 Definitions
Exhibit C - BIMC Chapter 18.18 --Subdivision Design Guidelines

Next Steps: The City Council will consider Ordinance 2019-03 at their March 19, 2019 study session. 

Background Documents
Subdivision Update Quick Facts - March 1, 2019

Public Hearing Draft:
Ordinance 2019-03 – Relating to Subdivision Standards
Exhibit ABIMC Chapter 17.12 Subdivision Standards
Exhibit BBIMC Chapter 17.28 Definitions
Exhibit CBIMC Chapter 18.18 --Subdivision Design Guidelines

Questions or comments:
Christy Carr, AICP, Senior Planner